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Humaira is a very hardworking agent! She is very good at responding on time as well as helping us with most everything we needed real estate wise. When we wanted to sell our home, she helped us through it all; from the negotiations, to the contract writing, and everything else. Humaira has helped us through a lot and we’re so thankful towards her.

5 user40454501

Humaira helped my husband and I sell our home and we are very appreciative of her! She is very prompt at responding! We could even get a hold of her after hours. She is a very experienced agent and knows a lot about the market trends. I highly recommend her to be your agent!

5 user4021910

Humaira is a great realtor. She has vast knowledge of the Real Estate market and was very effective in finding me a new home. I am so glad that I got the chance to work with her. She was very good at returning my calls even when the work day was over. She got me a home at a very good price and I very appreciative of her! I highly recommend her to be your agent! She is very diligent, attentive, and hardworking. She will not let you down and will continue to work until shes found you the perfect fit. Shes an amazing agent and very professional!

5 user7729982

To say that Humaira was an excellent realtor is an understatement. Just like any other selling and buying transaction , our situation was not something that we know will settle with a breeze. Having Humaira who jumped with us through the hoops , the dusts finally settled after days, weeks, months and years of waiting. Throughout these times, Humaira worked with us patiently, always ready to offer solutions and alternatives. She demonstrated her skills in all aspects of the transactions which provided us with peace of mind . She kept us informed to this day by keeping us informed with current trends . Our partnership with Humaira was a valued experience.

5 user46844420

Several years ago I contacted Humaria. I was thinking about putting my house on the market. This was my first house to put on the market so I wasn’t sure how and what to do. Humaria came to my house and we must have talked for several hours. She was very helpful, honest and professional. She went out of her way to support whatever my decision would be. She contacted me several times during my decison making to see if I had any questions. She was never aggressive and made me fell like I was under any pressure from her. The market was not that good so I decided not to sell. Here it is several years later, the market is better and I am going to sell. Who do I call, Humaria. We are getting together in a few weeks and I know Humaria will sell my house! I am looking forward to the process and I know Humaria will do a great job for me.

5 user84517863

Humaira and her team are the best! My wife and I were in a stressful situation where we were in the beginning stages of buying a home and planning our wedding at the same time. Humaira took a huge weight off our shoulders by easing us into the home buying market leaving us space to focus on our wedding. Humaira always had the best intentions in mind for us and we always felt protected when we began signing the contracts for the home. We not only gained a new home in the process, we gained a new friend!

5 mike7177

Humaira helped us with a very unique and difficult real estate situation. She succeeded in helping us sell our home where 3 “very experienced and successful” agents had all previously failed. She is patient, caring, and responsive. We would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to feel as though you are working with a close and trustworthy friend.

5 lisa4152

We received a hand written letter in the mail from Humaira Rashid. My first reaction was, “is this really hand written?” Nobody takes the time to personally write letters these days. Everything is computer generated. Humaira did! She takes the time to give you her undivided attention. She is personable, professional, knowledgeable, on-time and a great negotiator. Our house had been listed previously without success, but Humaira got the job done! We are now in a beautiful home and I have made a lifetime friend.

5 syntea49

I first met Humaira over 2 years ago when my house was listed with an Allstate Agent. I remember Humaira saying to me I will keep in touched and she did. And when you are ready to sell your house I will sell it for you and she did. She is Respectful, Trustworthy, caring and very much family. And will get the job done. A rear quality for today’s market.

5 daverinaldi3

Humaira has been pleasantly attentive to my real estate needs and concerns throughout the sales process. She promptly replies to all my inquiries and concerns, and displays a thorough knowledge and understanding of real estate trends and market realities. I look forward to her similarly assisting me in the upcoming real estate purchase process. This is a supplement to my prior review. Humaira continued her superior real estate services for me in the purchase of my house. Time was of the essence in locating and moving into a home. She skillfully navigated the offer and purchase process to accomplish the closing followed by my move-in just as I was required to vacate my prior premises. She was caring and understanding during what for me was a stressful time. She continued to touch base with me even after the transaction and move were complete to assure that all was well. I am happy to highly recommend her services.

5 stacyfra

My wife and I were thinking about listing our home for sale and were in the beginning stages of looking for another one when we met Humaira at an open house. She was very professional, friendly and didn’t follow us around the house while we looked around. She answered all of our questions fully and when we walked away from this open house, both of us commented to each other about what a positive experience we had with Humaira. As we did not have a realtor yet, we left Humaira with our information and continued our house search without a realtor. We postponed our home search for a few months due to personal reasons and during that time period we periodically received a friendly communication from Humaira asking us to consider her when we resumed our search. We subsequently continued our home sale and search for a new home and interviewed several agents before making a decision. When we made our decision it was easy, we looked at each other and both said, “Humaira”. She was a perfect fit for us and we immediately had a positive professional relationship with her. She immediately got work, she was professional, attentive and took care of any issues right away when they occurred. We subsequently received multiple offers on the home we sold and sold it at full asking price. Additionally, Humaira also helped us purchase our new home which we are very happy with. I highly recommend Humaira to sell or help you purchase a new home and when I look back on the experience, I am glad my wife chose Humaira.

5 onekcali

This is my 1st experience working with a relator to sell my home. Humaira is everything you could ask for in an agent. She worked very hard to sell my home, she did a great job finding buyers, advertising, keeping up with all the paperwork and escrow inquiries. This is a tough job, and I’m very happy I picked her for it. She is very knowledgeable, she really puts forth all of her effort to this industry. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family who are looking to sell their home, or purchase a new one.

5 earceo83

She help sell our property fast. She is very patient and kind person. She listens very well and tries to accommodate for all your needs and wish list aspects of your dream hope. We are very happy with our home she found us. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re looking to sell your home fast.

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